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The Window Project

 Visit Pho 28 in Salt Lake when they reopen July 19, 2021


We were honored to take on this Window Project.  The window was vandalized with racist words etched into it permanently back in 2020 to an innocent Asian-owned restaurant.  When this was brought to our attention by a concerned resident nearby, we acted immediately and started recruiting help.

We investigated the damage and came to the conclusion the best solution was to replace the glass completely.  We called several glass companies and estimates were coming in to be quite high, then we received a call back from Brian with Tanner Glass & Hardware saying "We want to help!" This project could not be completed as admirably and professionally without Tanner's invested interest and stepping in to donate their materials and time to do this.  July 6, 2021 the window was replaced with brand new glass.  Special thanks to Jennie Tanner and Brian Smith for their compassion to help this wonderful Pho restaurant. This type of generosity speaks to the entire Asian Community. 


When we reached out to Ahn's Custom & Vinyl, we were grateful for their quick response to help.  Special thanks to Zach Ahn, owner, for jumping at the chance to complete the work.  Zach offered the restaurant owner any new design but the restaurant wanted to keep the look of their original lettering outside.  We appreciate Ahn's to offer and donate their products to finalize Pho 28's new window.  We could not have done any of this without these community businesses putting their best forward to pass on their kindness in these uncertain times.  Meeting the people behind these businesses has given us more appreciation for what they do.  Working with these teams of people has been incredibly rewarding and the restaurant is very grateful.  
Thank you Tanner Glass and Ahn's! 

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