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Bopsim Festival Project

BOPSIM Korean Festival —The Biggest Korean Festival in Utah's History!

When: September 29, 2023
Where: A. Ray Olpin Student Union (University of Utah)
What: Booths, Crafts & Games, Traditional performances, K-pop dances, Taekwondo, and MORE!!!

For more information, please visit at and do not miss out on special deals!!

CUPBOP proudly hosts the BOPSIM Korean Festival in collaboration with the Korean government and the University of Utah to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Korea-US Alliance. Join us for an immersive cultural experience and family-friendly activities.


Thank you Bopsim, Cupbop, planning leaders, community organizations, performers, food vendors, all volunteers, for putting on the largest Korean Festival in Utah! This is a huge production to pull off and we commend you for inviting everyone to come out and celebrate Korean culture (traditional and modern) together. We were honored to be recognized as a community partner! It was an incredible turnout, recorded 15,000 people attended, and we look forward to many years to come!

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Thank you World Martial Arts and Master Dragon for partnering with us to donate your time and talent to our community. We appreciate your outstanding service!

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