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AAPI Club Project

It is Asian Link Project’s goal to contact public high schools in the Salt Lake County area to help start an AAPI Club or AA Club/PI Club, at their high school or spread our message to help students take initiative to start one. In 2022-2023, Asian Link Project helped Murray High School launch their AAPI Club. We believe this was a monumental moment for Asian American and Pacific Islander students at their school. 

We sent out a letter signed by our Organization and our Youth Leadership Team, Alexandra and Namoi, we contacted over 30 Principals to help coordinate this into motion. We appreciate our youth leaders getting involved with this. Our mission is to give AAPI students opportunities to exhibit leadership which will help set them up for future success and further educational and work opportunities.

For a long time AAPI students needed a club to retreat after school and share their identity with because they didn't have this type of simplicity due to low AAPI demographics in Salt Lake neighborhoods and surrounding communities. This project will help provide this with ongoing assistance and support, a packet to get started with help to generate their AAPI Club logo and 8 monthly club meeting ideas/resources for their student leader and faculty advisor. We feel this will be one of our most important projects. It will positively impact a community of students, AAPI and beyond.

To those high schools with an AAPI Club or AA Club/PI Club already in place, please have your club president contact us anytime for partnership/mentorship at We currently help serve and market several Asian American Pacific Islander events in Salt Lake City looking for volunteers or participants to celebrate cultural events. Thank you for implementing this club for your students. It means a lot.

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