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The Garden Project

On a Saturday afternoon, October 16, 2021, Trey Imamura was walking his friend's dog through the park of the International Peace Gardens in Salt Lake City where he discovered vandalism in the Japanese Garden with intent to damage the garden walls with graphic language.  Trey reached out to authorities to report the graffiti damage and Asian Link Project was notified of the incident.  Asian Link Project Directors feel it is highly imperative and encouraged to bring public awareness to any hate crimes against any innocent communities in our city.  Asian Link Project connected Trey Imamura immediately to ABC4 News Reporter Jason Nguyen to tell the story and bring public attention to help prevent this from happening again.


Thank you to Salt Lake Council Members Darin Mano and Dennis Faris for reaching out to Asian Link Project with motive to prevent these situations in the future. "In the past, it was pointless to report or even talk about racist attacks toward Asian Americans. Now we're making it a point to expose any attacks and we have a lot of leaders with a lot of energy to help change this part of toxic culture. This isn't our first project cleanup from vandalism harming Asian Communities in our city" says Director Carrie Shin.

Click here to watch ABC4 News cover this story.  Special thanks to Trey Imamura and Jason Nguyen.

Thank you to the Salt Lake Japanese American Citizens League for responding quickly and organizing the garden to be cleaned by volunteers. Thank you to all volunteers for giving their time.

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