The Chaperone Project

Serving the Salt Lake Valley

The Chaperone Project

Serving the Salt Lake Valley

Asian Link Project will provide free chaperone and volunteer services to our senior and younger Asian American residents in the Salt Lake Valley to help prevent hate crimes and provide additional support.  Special thanks to Compassion in Oakland for their friendship to help reach a common goal.



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Saturdays & Sundays - 12pm to 6pm


Other days/times depending on availability.

We will be launching May 1, 2021.

Our first wave of Volunteers are ready.


Due to overwhelming response, we've started a Wait List. If you speak an Asian language, you will be moved to the front of the line. Thanks!

"I want to be a volunteer chaperone"

Thank you to over 100 volunteers in Salt Lake!


Thank you Compassion in Oakland Volunteers in Oakland's Chinatown!